Company Faqs

1. What if I need a new roof?

At the New England Solar Initiative (NES), we are proud to offer an exceptional solution for your worn-out roof: a complete roof replacement. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we have the potential to transform your old roof into a brand new, stunning feature of your home.

2. I see all these ads for "Free" Solar - How could it be free?

Everyday, the American people contribute to the installation of solar panels on their roofs without any upfront cost. This contribution is made through taxes and electricity bills, which collectively support the accessibility of solar panel systems for individuals like you and me.


3. What if I sell my house, what do I do?

On average, homes equipped with solar panels across the United States sell for approximately 4% more than homes without solar. In the New England region, this percentage is even higher. This increased value is attributed to the fact that solar-powered homes generate their own energy at a consistent rate. Additionally, homeowners have the option to transfer the lease or pay off the loan before selling, resulting in a potential increase in home value ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.


4. Say I don't want them anymore, what do I do?

Similar to a car loan, you have the flexibility to pay off your solar panel loan ahead of schedule and make your own decisions. If you choose to sell, we will assist you in finding a buyer for your solar-equipped home. Enjoy the freedom of managing your solar investment on your own terms!


5. Can I get paid to go solar?

By referring just one person per month who signs up with the New England Solar Initiative, you can earn a minimum of $500. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and refer friends, family, or colleagues to us? Start benefiting from our referral program today and reap the rewards!


6. If I have a knob & tube electrical panel, can I go solar?

While it is not a standard practice, we have accommodated such requests in previous projects. To determine the feasibility and specifics, we require an in-depth onsite evaluation. This assessment allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation and explore the possibilities for your project.


7. I just want a quote, can I get that from N.E.S?

Our primary focus is to provide value to our customers, ensuring that their savings either amount to at least 30% below their current energy bill or achieve a return on investment within 8 years or less. To accurately determine the feasibility and potential benefits, we conduct thorough onsite evaluations. Through this process, we tailor our solar solutions to maximize your savings and deliver a cost-effective investment. Schedule an onsite evaluation today and discover the value we can bring to your energy needs.


Light Up With Solar &
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Durability Of Materials

Energy Consultation

Solar Energy System Implementation

Interested in getting your roof replaced AND implementing a SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM at the SAME TIME?  

Check out this example of a solar client lifecycle to learn more about the process!


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Provide Contact Info

Provide your contact info so we can reach out and diagnose your needs.


Schedule a Time

Schedule a time on our scheduler’s calendar to have one of our Solar Techs come out to your home for an in-person assessment.


Inspection Report

Your personally appointed Solar Tech will provide you with an inspection report.



Your tech will provide you with recommendations for scope of work as well as all financial options available.



You decide which option you would like to move forward with.  Your Solar Tech will help you through the solar process.


Completion of Work

2-3 Month Total Timeline
1-2 Day Installs
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