About New England Solar Initiative

About Us

Over the last 10 years, New England Solar Initiative has established itself as one of the nation’s most reliable solar and energy storage companies, known for its focus on safety, integrity, quality, and deep staff expertise. We are Solar Brokers that provide the best solar experience based on

our client’s needs. We provide cash, loans, and lease to Own options for rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar, and even for complexes up to 4 units….. All at a very reasonable budget.


Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Us


10 Years of Experience

We’ve been helping homeowners go solar since Elon Musk was in diapers.


Innovative Technology

Our technology is on the cutting edge of the solar industry. We set the standards for others to follow.

Always Clean Energy

We have a strong commitment to sustainability. Going solar is not only affordable, it’s responsible.

Trustworthy Service

We have the area’s most experienced and well trained solar technicians.

Turnkey Industry Solutions

We have customized solutions for industry, government and nonprofits.

Renewable Energy

An investment in solar today will pay dividends for you and your family for decades to come.


Utility Scale Solar & Energy Storage

At New England Solar Initiative we are on a mission to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. With decades of experience in solar & energy storage — and a core principle of building and sustaining long-term relationships — we have the expertise and the tenacity to guide our customers through each stage of their projects, whether they are for utility scale, distributed generation, or community solar.

Vertically Integrated

As a full-scope solar and energy storage company, we are experts in developing, building, and maintaining solar and energy storage projects for our customers. We focus on delivering value through the entire project life cycle, easing friction between development and EPC and ensuring a seamless handoff between EPC and O&M.



You can depend on us to proactively guide you through critical decisions at every point in a project’s life cycle. You’ll benefit from subject-matter experts with deep technical knowledge of large-scale solar and energy storage projects. We not only anticipate and mitigate project risks, but also bring their best ideas and solutions forward.


Accelerated Growth

At New England Solar Initiative, we help our customers capitalize on clean energy opportunities and overcome obstacles to fuel their business growth. We’re tenacious in the way we approach problem-solving: whether it’s optimizing the engineering in the early stages of a project, or overcoming a technical challenge that emerges closer to the finish line.



We believe in building long-term relationships based on trust and transparency. Our stable leadership team fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. With decades of experience and a portfolio with hundreds of large solar & storage projects, we’re a trusted partner that delivers value.


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